» Characteristic: High flexibility; Satisfactory electric conductivity; Constant interlacement and well distributed.

» Construction: They can be produced in: copper, tinned cooper, aluminum or stainless steel;

Standards Indel Bauru; We produce braided as your own specification.

Fuse Link

The Fuse Links are essential parts of a distribution system of electricity, impeding the occurrence of short-circuit and over-current that can cause serious damage to the power grid. The Indel Bauru can produce the following types: H, K, T, EF HXO e HYO, STD, IS, DI, QI and Open Link. In according to following national and international standards: NBR 7282:2011, IEC 60282-2, ANSI C37.41, ANSI C37.42 and NEMA PUB. SG-2.

Terminals Connectors

The connectors are used by installers to connect cables in several electrical contacts, electrical panels in general, cables splices, etc.

Cut Out Fuse

When INDEL BAURU, developed its Polymer Cut-out Fuse with silicone rubber, it was concerned in not using cement in its setting hardware, opting in using a fiberglass core with inserts in brass and stainless steel, this way guaranteeing a longer life to the traditional one.


INDEL BAURU meets all of the requirements of NBR ISO 9001:2015 and ANAB Quality Management. An audit of the facility was performed by SGS and registered with the title of “Development, manufacture and sales of products for protection for electric energy protection and Braided and twisted cables”, thus guaranteeing, the Quality System of Management for whole the company.

Market share

» International:
– UTE – Uruguay
– ANDE – Paraguay
– Altravolta – Argentina
– COFAE – Peru
– PFISTERER – South Africa
– SAUDI ELETRIC CO – Saudi Arabia
– MESA (Schneider) – Spain
– etc


Indel Bauru declares its commitment with an environmental correct performance, controlling the impact of its activities, products and jobs at the environment.

Business, Mission, Vision and Values

Produce and sell electrical products.


“Manufacturing quality electrical products to the satisfaction and safety of customers and worrying always respect the environment, promoting and encouraging the harmony of its employees with the company.”


Grow through international market in the coming years.


Quality and continuous improvement of products and services for consumer satisfaction;
Help in personal growth and social workers.